A bespoke intranet management system for a brand new company
June 2011
"Coordinating 200 guys around the UK – on job timings, crew numbers, transport modes and in different geographic locations at varying costs – has been made incredibly efficient with our bespoke Glass Page intranet application. It doesn't stop there. The intranet organises client, crew and other relational databases built in real time and is invaluable to our organisation. It felt like we were living in the Dark Ages before we got the Glass Page team in to design and operate what we see as a vital part of our management structure"
Jeremey Berryman Director

Starting a business is never easy and making the right decisions early on can affect the roadmap for any company. Having the right system to manage a company from the outset can vastly improve workflow and allow you to expand faster from a reliable base. Jeremey Berryman knew this and came to us for a solution.

Tailor-made to suit your needs

When we first set out to build the intranet, it became apparent that an off-the-shelf product would not fulfil their needs, both in terms of functionality and the ability to grow in the future. We worked closely with Crewsaders to create a truly custom solution, taking feedback and offering creative ideas at every stage of the development process.

The intranet needed to organise every aspect of their company, from the day-to-day running of jobs to handling venue information and health & safety assessments. Each job can be managed from start to finish on the intranet and, being located on the internet, it is accessible by any of the admins no matter where in the world they are or what time they need to make the change.

Time saving and future-proof

Crew members can be fully managed, creating their profiles and tracking their hours worked across the intranet. To further save on time, the system automatically cross checks all crew member’s job, working hours and holidays, allowing the administrator to know instantly who is available for a certain job.

The project has also been on-going with new sections and features added to further assist as the company has grown. The system has also been refined over the years, tweaked to perfectly match the needs of the crew as they use it on a daily basis.

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